Unexpected danger (and amusement) on Halloween

So I expected to see a few interesting outfits on campus today, given that it’s Halloween and given that college students seem to have a hidden desire to wear weird clothes now that they no longer go to a strict high school or have to hear their mom say, “Sweetie, is that really the kind of thing you would want to meet your grandmother in?”

But what I didn’t expect was not to know whether some of the students walking down the street intended to dress for Halloween, or whether this is their normal attire.  As we were pulling into campus today, the first thing we saw was a young woman in black cowboy boots, leopard-print tights, a black miniskirt, and black jacket.  Honestly, I have no idea whether that was meant to be a costume, or whether leopard-print tights and miniskirt are acceptable week-day wear.  And it’s kind of like inquiring whether a woman is pregnant: there’s really no neutral way to ask.  So I am walking around being amused by costumes right and left, and bemused by other more ambiguous wear.


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