Quite the day

1) I was feeling a bit pushed for time on Saturday, hoping to get things done before church on Sunday.  I had volunteered (why, oh why?) to lead my reading group in discussion on Monday, but had also offered to loan my book to another woman.  So after being up until almost two o’clock the night before, I got up by seven to finish my reading before I handed the book off at church.  My eyes were totally shot: seeing spots, mounting headache, and utterly resistant to reading anything on page or screen.  But I finished my reading right before church only to discover that my friend will not be able to make the meeting, and so will not need the book.  Sigh.

2) Sydney and I decided to take a nap after church, given the struggle of staying awake and trying to focus on the music on the page during church.  But in the middle of the nap I woke up and thought, “Is someone cooking corn?  Yum, smells good.  I’m hungry.”  After drousing for another twenty minutes or so, I got up to discover I had left my tea kettle on, and it had not only boiled dry, but also melted the enamel onto the stove (electric burner)  and blown off its little topper.  Nasty mess.  Thankfully, I can get a replacement burner fairly easily (I think), and my tea kettle was not expensive.  I’m resistant to boiling tea water in a sauce pan, so I’ll be getting a new teapot ASAP.  Do you think I was being encouraged to try to do less when I am horrifically tired?

3) Sydney and I began to take down some of the things in our garden later this afternoon, hoping the fresh air would help to revive us.  Fall weather is setting in and the field needs to be cleared by next week.  In the middle of untangling netting we realized we were feeling not simply rain, but sleet.  After another half-hour of icy fingers and terrific winds, we called it quits.  Sleet?  Come on!

The nice thing about so many accidents and strange surprises is that they were so odd that we couldn’t do anything but laugh–and we needed that.  A bowl of a new curried pumpkin soup I made tonight also helped to improve the mood.


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4 Responses to Quite the day

  1. Lisa says:

    You could switch to an electric kettle – a bit safer since it turns itself off.


  2. fustianist says:

    Yeah, I’ve thought about it, particularly since even the Brits are using electric kettles! But I’m sort of old-fashioned and I am limited in my counter space. Plus, I’m hoping this was a one-time thing; I really don’t want to make a habit of being that tired!


    P.S. Sounds like you had a day that really topped mine!

  3. Lisa says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty exhausted today. Crazed fans aren’t conducive to sleep. Hoping they’ll be quiet tonight so I can crash as soon as I get home…

  4. Heidi says:

    I love my electric kettle! My mommy bought me one when I got back from England, because I thought life might end without one. The counter space problem is a good point though.

    Also, I loved how you thought you smelled corn. That’s definitely something I would do…

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