Late this evening, having come home from a slew of reading groups, I sat down to my computer to check my email.  Not thinking, I clicked on the file sent by an old friend to what seemed to be all of the people in her address book.  I noticed only in passing that it was titled “halloween,” and then pulled up a power point sequence.  It was a game: find the red dot in each picture that appeared and click on it.  This being a tiny red dot, I was furrowing my brow, looking hard and moving quickly through the pictures (i.e., not reflecting on the point of this exercise, the theme of the power point, etc.), when an image appeared right out of “The Exorcist” and a scream emitted from my computer.  It was awful.  I yelped, ran over to Sydney with a litany of “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” trying to get the picture out of my head.  Not funny.  Let me repeat: NOT FUNNY.  If this story made you laugh, enjoy it, but don’t be cruel to people who, like me, have too active of imaginations to live comfortably with an entire storehouse of awful images in their brains, ready to pop out at inopportune moments.


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  1. Ryan says:

    There are many versions of that “joke” circulating on the net. Beware. Anytime some sends you something that tricks you into really focusing on your screen it probably won’t end well. I agree with you, it’s not funny. There are also sick videos of demented parents showing these things to children just to watch them totally lose it. Once again I echo you. Not funny.

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