Sharing the sink with sweet potatoes

A new addition to our garden produce this year has been a crop of sweet potatoes.  What I did not realize was that sweet potatoes are generally most successful in hot places.  After they are harvested they are supposed to be “cured” in a place that’s 85-90 degrees, with high humidity.  As in, the kind of environment that would cause most produce to rot.

Where, in late-October New York, are we going to find 85-90 degrees?

Our small bathroom is the warmest part of our house, and it got a whole lot hotter with the addition of a small heater.  Now our livingroom is 65 while our bathroom is almost 85.  The sweet potatoes do indeed seem to be liking the temperature, and I can’t say it feels awful to have warmed towels after a shower!  And besides, it only has to last a little over a week.


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