Odd messages

I get used to seeing odd things around Oxford: hordes of women in pink tutus and pink shoelaces, running to raise money for breast cancer; university students going to exams in tuxedos with carnations in their pockets (white for the first years, pink for the second, and red for the final-year students); movies filmed on the street while tourists take photos of the filmmakers; and, of course, the comedy show that is girls in formal dresses (long, short, full, and barely-there) going to balls (their footwear usually garners some commentary from the Penner household).  This morning, when I took Nathaniel out for our walk, I saw a huge banner hanging from a prison-like building:



In need of test subjects?  No, I finally remembered, they’re just opening their doors to prospective Oxford students and their families.  But, still, the looming concrete block didn’t let me quite shake my first reading.


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