And now, on to normal life

Sydney arrived at home this morning, exhausted from a busy month leading up to the conference, a whirlwind trip in Ithaca, and a rough flight home.  We are glad to have him back, though I don’t think he felt terribly welcome upon first arriving.  I was upstairs, overseeing rowdy baths, and had left the chain on the door, so Sydney let himself in the outer door, found that he couldn’t get in the inner door, reached through the crack to re-screw the doorbell tight (the kids love to play with it), and then went back outside to ring the doorbell so that I would know to come down.  We’ve tried to make it up to him with home-cooked food, nap time, and enthusiastic hugging the rest of the day, but I think our normal, raucous life is a bit much for a tired traveler.


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  1. David says:

    Welcome back!

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