I’m not used to this

I don’t think I’m used to eating out this much.  My stomach says, “Go home and make a foldover, follwed by an apple, and just sit still for awhile!”  I can appreciate that my company wants to save me cooking, but if they can stand what I make, I think I”ll try to lure them to my house for meals in the next day or so.  A round of golf with Dad tomorrow will definitely help me feel less full, as will a walk at the gym.  I don’t golf, but I follow Dad and pretend to caddy 🙂


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2 Responses to I’m not used to this

  1. ilovewindmills says:

    What’s a foldover? Is this some sort of Iowa-speak with which I’m not familiar? 🙂 Oh, and say hello to your parents for me.


  2. fustianist says:

    I said hi to them from you, Sarah 🙂 And no, somehow Sydney knew what a fold-over was, distant Canadian that he is! It’s a sandwich with only one piece of bread, folded over and holding all the good stuff in the middle!


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