What we hope is a short phase

Nathaniel’s currently in a mommy phase.  He apparently plasters himself against the door and howls when I leave, and then listens for the sound of the door until I return.  If I disappear from view, he roams the house, checking each floor, and he’s not put off by the bolted door on the top floor (which is why I currently work in the library).  If I take him to playgroup at the church, he gets nervous, afraid I might try to run off (which I would like to do, since there is a moms’ discussion group, and they even have volunteers on hand to care for the children).  The volunteers who valiantly tried to take him for me didn’t even realize that he knows how to walk, since he required holding the entire time I was away.  And recently, when he wasn’t feeling well, the only way he would sleep was if he was lying completely on top of me, a thirty-pound bowling ball.  He is (thank goodness!) sleeping nights and naps in his own crib, but he’s making it really difficult for me to work up the nerve to leave the house without him, curious and happy and independent as he is when I am at home.  Sydney’s not thrilled about this, either, since I still leave the kids with him on a regular basis, howling or no, but he’s also amused that I’m feeling a bit suffocated by affection, since he thought that that was his role in the relationship!


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2 Responses to What we hope is a short phase

  1. Laura says:

    Oh, yes– it’s such a mix of sweet and suffocating! Hope it’s a short phase, too.

  2. 1st-gen younger male sibling says:

    I believe I was a mommy magnet as well. I do not expect this to phase out any time soon. Give it 20 years….

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