We’ve been in quarantine mode for the past month or so, with each successful playgroup or playground endeavor followed by another wave of cold or flu or toddler bug.  After this run of mild but incessant illnesses, we are hoping that Katherine and Nathaniel will be immune to everything out there!  Although we hear that there’s chicken pox out there right now, and we haven’t had that yet . . .

I have been struggling with the child-imposed couch time, particularly since I’ve had to miss choir and other activities that get me out and engaged.  But Sydney and I have really enjoyed the quiet time with both kids, and we’ve been fawning over Nathaniel quite a bit recently.  We have different “favorite” ages, but Nathaniel is currently in a phase where our favorites overlap, and he’s playing it to the fullest: laying his head sweetly on our laps when he wants a rest; saying “Hi” in a very cute, shy voice; and beaming big smiles at us when he sees we’re watching him.  It’s pretty adorable.  He is also (yes, I am very grateful) continuing his sleeping through the night.  I am very, very happy about that last part!

Since Nathaniel is prone to hunting all around the house when Sydney’s on duty, and I hate hearing him cry outside the door when I work, I’ve been making regular trips up to the American Institute’s library, just up the road.  It’s a lovely modern place, with lots of light coming in the glass walls, and it’s quiet–very quiet.  My sessions there have been incredibly productive.  Much as I like to work at home, I’m very grateful that I own a library card while we get Nathaniel through this phase.

After all the recent home time, life is going to get busy shortly.  Next weekend we’re going to visit friends in Cambridge.  Their two children are just about the same age as our two, and we haven’t seen these friends in a long, long time, so we’re quite excited, even if a bit nervous about the long bus ride.  Then, after we return home, my mom is coming to visit!


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