Down for the count

This past week has seen us draped over the couch a great deal.  Both kids and Sydney got a cold that seems to be going around, one that lasts longer than usual and is accompanied by a desire to do nothing but lie down.  If we had just had Katherine, our week would have been pretty easy, since all she wants is hugs, mint tea, and to be put to bed.  But Nathaniel, who got over the worst of his cold quickly, has kicked into high toddler gear, and is keeping me busy by getting into everything.  He’s incredibly adorable while doing it, and he is very happy and fun when played with, but my washing dishes, say, usually means that I’ll soon discover him on the top floor, pulling the books out, or on the middle floor, flinging the dresser contents around the room with great glee.  Cute, but trouble.  It’s slightly amusing to see Katherine overwhelmed by his energy, since she’s so often the ball of energy in this house.


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