Guarding against revelry

The kids and I did an evening run to the grocery store last night.  Bad idea.  We joined the checkout line somewhere near the back wall of the store.  I noticed some odd behavior by some men on the street, so I was eager to get home.  Later, after everyone was in bed, I heard a lot of activity outside, followed by bagpipes and cheering.  Turns out it was Burns Night, so I was vigilantly guarding against invasion by haggis-eating, Scotch-whisky-imbibing, kilted folk.

Both kids are off their feed as a result of their recent colds.  I had been trying to remain firm about them eating their veggies, so it took me all day to realize that this was more than just an attempt to hold out for yogurt.  Until, precisely, I finally offered them yogurt–and they turned me down.  Sometimes I’m a bit slow on the ball.  We’ll hope that they’re back to normal soon, since I clearly don’t have what it takes to keep up with them!


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