An experiment

Sydney had a Skype interview yesterday, and we all took a deep breath when it was over.  The pressure leading up to it (and my rather desperate attempts to keep the kids quiet during it!) have taken a bit of a toll.  Last night Sydney surprised me by proposing that we each take a work-vacation of a few days this month.  The idea was that each could be gone a few days to somewhere not terribly far or terribly expensive, where it would be easier to focus on work, and the other would take care of the kids.

We both have papers to write this month, and we’re both struggling to get the juices flowing, so this seems like a great idea.  I am going to take my vacation this weekend, but I’m going to stay right here in Oxford.  I just want the chance to work in a library for long stretches, maybe have lunch in a cafe, and enjoy some uninterrupted time to wrestle with my article.  I couldn’t be more excited!  Sydney, bless him, seems game for kid-care, and even mentioned the possibility of doing laundry.

I will have a hard time finding a place to roost, since all of the libraries have short hours over the weekend, and there isn’t the cafe culture here that there is in the States, but I am coming up with quite a list of wonderful places in which to work around town, intermixed with nice walks by myself.  I hope that this opportunity will allay some of my anxieties about work and, frankly, give me some time to peel myself away from my rather clingy little ones so that I can restore my patience and energy.  I will be more than happy to reciprocate, since I know Sydney has a lot on his plate this month, but I am extremely grateful that he let me go first!


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  1. Laura says:

    That sounds amazing… enjoy! Thanks also for your sweet note of encouragement, and the happy birthday message for Lily! That was really thoughtful, and a fun surprise in the mail. Happy productive weekend!

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