It’s naptime

I’m working in the living room, Katherine is in her crib on the middle floor, and Sydney is working on the top floor, with Nathaniel stretched out next to him, asleep.

But the whole house is filled with “Eee–iii—ee–oooo.  And on that farm . . . Happy Birthday to you . . . Hop, little bunnies!”  Sydney send me an email that reads, “at what age do you think Katherine will realize that singing involves the occasional piano, even pianissimo, passage?”  She has been belting every song she knows for the past hour-and-a-half.  Clearly there will be no sleeping Katheirne during naptime today.

I only just refrained from reminding Sydney that my gospel choir started up again this week, and I’m going to be singing lots of crazy stuff (at high volume!) all around the house, so it can only get worse 🙂


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