I’m writing to gloat

Sydney and I stopped by the garden this afternoon with the intent of looting the place.  We hauled away tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, zinnias, and a few other things, but more importantly we also hauled in 125 ears of corn.  And it’s not just any corn–it’s really, really, really good corn.  It tastes amazingly sweet and flavorful right off the cob, but, as we were surprised to discover last year, it also tastes really great after it’s been in the freezer for half a year.  If there were one place where I could tell Sydney’s gardening improved the flavors in our kitchen, corn would be it.

Feeling quite satisfied with the labour behind us and a year of sweet corn to look forward to.


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2 Responses to I’m writing to gloat

  1. Kris says:

    How do you freeze it?

  2. fustianist says:

    We blanch it (i.e., cook it in boiling water for a couple of minutes), and then Sydney got the messy job of getting the kernels off the ear (I should have taken pictures; he was a mess!), and then we packed in freezer bags. It was really easy!


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