A bit more exercise than I wanted

I took the kids out for our usual three-mile loop around the parks, over the (steep!) bridge, around the farm (this walk is known as “where the cows and horsies are” and requested under such a title), and back home along the bicycle path (a paved strip running through pasture, complete with cow barriers and elegant lamposts to light the way in the evening).  It was raining and quite windy, so Katherine decided she’d be riding the whole way today.  At the farthest point out, I suddenly got a flat tire (thorn?), so I got to shove the remaining mile home.  Can’t say it helped with the Christmas spirit, but I’m trying to be grateful that it happened while Sydney’s still home (he leaves on Monday for a week), that I had the arm and shoulder strength to get us home (adrenaline helps, apparently), that the kids weren’t fussy, and that it didn’t happen later, when the rain turned into a downpour.


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