Feeding one little bird inevitably incites hunger in the other, so I’ve started lining the kids up in chairs and spooning food into one mouth, and then the other.  This has some good consequences: if I can get one to take a bit of whatever’s on offer, the second one will join in even if he or she has doubts about the taste.

In her best moments, Katherine is a hilarious co-conspirator in introducing Nathaniel to new foods.  She leans over, gives him a bright smile, and says in an over-the-top encouraging voice, “Num, num.  Num, num, baby?  Mmmm.  Food.  Good.  Good boy, ‘thaniel.”  He loves it, but is then a bit too distracted to focus on the food.  In their worse moments, both kids lay on the guilt trip when I turn the spoon away from them: Katherine’s face clouds over, and she adopts a sullen pout, and Nathaniel gives me a look of bewildered dismay when he sees the spoon pass him by.


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