A nice reminder

Today has been muuuuuch better than yesterday, with sleep for all, non-picky eaters, and a nice morning walk in the park.  Given that the local groceries are filling their freezers with turkeys, rather than fruit, I took the opportunity to go English and order groceries online; they’ll be dropped off tomorrow afternoon.

Katherine has asked after Sydney a time or two, though she seemed reassured when I told her that he would return before the baby Jesus is born.  Today I pointed out which Advent cone marked the day when Sydney would come back.  I’ll have to remember that for future (non-Advent-season) trips: visual reminders like that really help little kids to mark the passing days, so that Dadas don’t get marked as “gone” in the same way that the good pacifier, the ninth rubber duck, and the letter “L” are gone . . .


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