A nice day

Sydney has been a bit worried about leaving for his conferences, since I have been really struggling with fatigue recently, but thus far things are going smoothly.

Nathaniel has been sleeping really lightly when he naps, so Sydney’s been working from home, resting a hand on the little guy whenever Nathaniel stirs, and typing or reading when he doesn’t.  Although it would be nice to simply hand him over to someone whenever he needs to nap, thus far I’ve been able to coordinate things such that I could snuggle on the couch with the little guy while Katherine napped and after she went to bed . . . with my computer in hand.  So both kids got their sleep and I got a bit of work and quiet time to energize me for the next round.  Yes, we know, he has to sleep on his own.  We’re working on it, but this is the best we can do for the moment.  And he is a great cuddler!

Katherine has been asserting herself recently with food and song choices, picking A and then changing her mind to B, then back again.  You can guess how much we like this.  As we edged toward bedtime today, though, she seemed to realize that, having chosen hummus over pasta, she would be stuck with her choice, and she nicely wolfed it down so that I wouldn’t have to put her to bed without supper.  Nathaniel has been wanting liquids all day, frustrating my attempts to feed him solid food, but he just made up for it in this last meal: a few ounces of pasta, roasted squash, and yogurt.  I know, it doesn’t sound appealing to me, either, but it’s the combo that finally went down.

This evening I took the kids to a Christmas market at the Oxford Castle.  I didn’t want to buy any Christmas crafts, but I did want to take advantage of the opportunity to get out with the kids after it got dark (the parks now close at 4pm, so we hit them in the morning), and to see some Christmas lights.  Katherine has been reading about a knight in a castle, so it was fun to walk through one with her, cold as it is outside.  Nathaniel has inherited the fluffy bear suit we put in Katherine at that age, so he’s now a warm, sleepy bear whenever we go outside.  Katherine says “Awwwwww!” whenever I put him in it.


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