I like this idea for Christmas

We’re not planning on exchanging gifts for Christmas this year (though Sydney and I may treat each other to a lemon juicer and a potato masher), but I do like this idea, from Dear Amy, for a small treat for kids: put a wrapped book at the foot of a child’s bed so that it’s the first thing he or she sees on Christmas morning.  Hey, it would be good for adults, too 🙂

Sydney leaves tomorrow for a series of conferences in the UK and Germany, so he’s in a bit of a planning flurry, but he took the time to whip up a few more batches of hummus before he goes (beet, red pepper, and broccoli).  I am very glad that I have a pile of quick lunches waiting for me in the fridge!  When I started planning for this week awhile ago, I’d thought that I might be able to just devote myself to playing with the kids and starting a fat novel, but I think I may have to do a bit of dissertation revising.  So, instead of Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (1000+ pages), I’ll just keep handy Hint Fiction (which is made up of 25-word stories).  That should tell you something about my attention span and my expectations about spare time.


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3 Responses to I like this idea for Christmas

  1. Laura Peifer says:

    Can you share your broccoli hummus recipe?

  2. Erin says:

    I am afraid that it was something of a Sydney make-it-up moment. I see a few scribbled notes from his kale version (which he followed, loosely, to make the broccoli one), that note that he sauteed the green stuff with a bit of garlic, and then threw it in with the usual chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon, salt, and a bit of chipotle. Sorry that there isn’t something that’s a bit more specific! He has here 1 c. chickpeas to 1/2 C. chopped greens, if that’s any help.

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