Yesterday there was half of a casserole heating in the oven when I left the house.  I was astonished to find the casserole completely gone when I returned.  Sydney said that he’d had some of it, but that both kids had wanted three servings of the stuff!  Thinking about just how much food the little creatures had consumed, I suddenly had visions of our future grocery bills . . .

Today Katherine and I made fussy cookies.  I wasn’t interested in putting a pound of butter into the things (the goal was to make shapes and possibly toppings), so, in the spirit of English “biscuits,” I made dressed-up teething biscuits for our base.  Katherine and I liked making the shapes (for about two minutes, at any rate), and she liked dipping the cookies into a very thin lemon icing and then into crushed pistachios.  I was serious about a nut theme this Christmas.  But she has been clamoring for food at all times recently, and today she was not interested in cooking, just in eating, so it wasn’t exactly a mother-daughter bonding hour: “Katherine, put the cookie on the plate after dipping it.  No!  Katherine!”  “Eat, num-num!”  “Katherine, the cookies have to dry.”  “Eat, num-num!  Cookie!  Nut!”


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2 Responses to Food

  1. Laura Peifer says:

    I have the same issue with cookie making! So far I can still strap her in the high chair, so at least what’s in her reach is a bit more in my control.

  2. Erin says:

    She’s usually really good (connecting “cooking” with “not to eat right now”), but I guess I’ve learned not to try cookie-making when she might possibly be hungry!

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