Last night, in what has become a common evening affair after Katherine goes to bed, Sydney and I sat on the floor, watching Nathaniel play.  He’s just a delight: smiley, curious, and incredibly round (he doesn’t fall down so much as roll over).  He’s also humongous; we realized yesterday that he’s roughly the same height that Katherine was when we moved into this place last fall (when she was 18 months old).  Sydney turned to me and said, “You know we’re going to miss this stage later on, right?  we’re going to wish we’d taken more pictures?”  I’d hoped to remedy at least the latter with a mini photo shoot this morning, to mark Nathaniel’s turning nine months old tomorrow.  But the usual: there is no sunlight coming through our windows, and kids don’t tend to sit still for long, so all of our pictures are either blurry or filled with startled expressions and shadows when we resorted to using the flash.  I would go outside, but it’s getting pretty chilly by this point in the year, and, like I said, no light to speak of.  I love reading lamps and hot mugs of tea as much as anybody, but it would be nice to have some daylight around here on occasion!


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