Interesting days

The last several days have been interesting.  On Saturday I took the bus into town to meet my college roommate, Lisa, who was visiting from Switzerland.  I swapped job applications, diaper changes, and grocery runs for a day of reading a novel on the bus, swapping stories with college friends, and going out for afternoon tea and dinner.  Lisa was relieved to be back in a place where speaking in English was the norm, and I felt something similar: I was back in the land of striding down streets, taking stairs over elevators, and speaking and listening in complete sentences.  To top it off, when I got home Sydney looked far less tired than other days when I left him to parent alone; apparently he and the kids had taken the opportunity to catch up on sleep, so everyone was happy!

On Tuesday, Christi came to town, and we took the opportunity to see a lot of Oxford favorites, some for the first time.  We bought interesting cheeses in the Covered Market, spent time in the Ashmolean and Natural History Museums, walked in the University Parks and along the canal, and climbed the steep stairs to the top of the University Church of St. Mary, which afforded us a gorgeous view of Oxford’s spires.  You can read about the church’s history here, one of the few places in which you will come across the breezy phrase, “by the early 13th century . . .”  Christi was a great “aunt” for the kids, hoisting both of them up for lots of hugs and carrying sessions, and reading book after book.  Katherine was particularly taken with her; yesterday morning she came down the stairs and immediately curled up at Christi’s side in bed.

Sydney and I are both in the thick of applications, which means we’re making a lot of difficult decisions about teaching loads and locations.  Next we get to figure out whether/how we’ll be flying to the US for interviews around Christmas.  Can’t say we relish the thought . . .


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