Out and about in Iowa

My brother, Adam, and I took Katherine to a nearby play center the other day.  Adam and I both carried cameras (and, as you can see below, we took pictures all while she played), but most of the pictures still ended up blurry.  Toddlers are just too fast . . .

I think the goal of this project was to build a house, but Adam, in typical fashion, focused on showing her destruction, rather than construction.  He penned her in and she broke through walls, laughing hysterically all the while.

I’ve been enjoying nice morning walks while I’m here.  Mom and Dad have been wonderful about taking Nathaniel for much of the night, so I’m feeling much less on edge than when I arrived, and we’re freer to take walks later in the morning than I can at home.  Yesterday it was gloriously foggy, and we enjoyed only sharing the quiet Iowa road with horses.


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