Another great day

This morning Christi made me breakfast (yes, she’s really that nice) and then we headed out for an early hike at Treman.  It was great to be hiking familiar territory, and my legs appreciated the stretch.  I had lunch with Flora and got a chance to catch up with her, after which we walked up to campus and I confirmed that the English department is still there, as are many of my favorite people in it.  I then did a bit of shopping for the kids downtown, in my favorite baby store.  I can’t believe I’m buying shoes for my son.  I know “they grow up fast,” but it’s still disconcerting.

I also made a fast, slightly desperate run to FedEx just before they closed, so that I could send milk home to the babe.  Yes, it’s a bit crazy, but I hoped to avoid having to try new food on Nathaniel in the midst of so many other changes.  And no, I had not managed to leave anywhere near enough food with the grandparents, despite my best efforts.

This evening Christi and I had dinner with her parents, and I had the very strong sense that I was “home,” far away as my kids, parents, and husband might be.  In addition to the pile of amazing food Christi came out with delicious treats from a fabulous patisserie and we lived large.  Since I am having art withdrawal, now that I no longer live next door to an artist, I was really thrilled that I got a chance to pore over her new calendars and hand-painted shoes.

Now it’s time to retire and rest up for the exam tomorrow morning.  I am excited that the day is finally here, curious to see what my committee members say, and a bit nervous about the recommendations that they might make for revision.


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