We have company

My complaints about Nathaniel’s sleeping habits apparently roused the researcher in Sydney to action.  He just informed that, no, everybody else’s child is not sleeping through the night at this age.  Apparently only 16% of six-month-old babies sleep through the night.  The same percentage have no sleeping schedule whatsoever.  Sydney conceded that most of these children wake only once or twice in a night (rather than, as Nathaniel does, a minimum of three times), but breastfed children wake more often than those who are bottle-fed.  I don’t know whether to be glad that we have a normal child or sad that there are so many other sleepless parents out there.

I’m actually quite glad that I had delusions of having a “good sleeper” on my hands in the first few months.  If I’d known that I would be defending my dissertation without a good night in recent memory I might not have had the guts to schedule it!


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