Partners in Crime

Nathaniel and Katherine are just starting to get to the point where they’re interacting.  It’s fascinating to watch.  She is thrilled when he looks in her direction and gets ecstatic if he tosses in a smile “‘miling!  baby!  ‘miling!”  She shrieks when he cackles, and mimics his grunts.  She also imitates his crying when he’s upset (that’s what we needed: more crying), looks concerned, and interrogates us: “‘happy?  baby ‘happy?”  If she listens to my replies she’s going to spend the rest of her life saying, “UNhappy.  UN. HA. PEE.”

Today both little ones went on a sleep strike.  They’ve been pretty terrible sleepers for a little while, but today there was just no napping.  Nathaniel had me up for good, hours before my 8:30 doctor appointment, and only had a couple of ten-minute cat naps to get him through the day.  It was maddening.  Katherine, meanwhile, “entertained” me for hours when she was supposed to be napping, reciting all of the songs she knows, identifying the colors of various objects around the room, and counting her toes (“One.  Two.  One.  Two.  One.”).  When he cried she started jabbering at him from the other room, trying to offer comfort.  When she cried he just cried in response.  With this kind of team effort they’ll have us killed off in no time!


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