Home sweet home

After 2 1/2 weeks away from Ithaca, I’ve come home to husband, cat, and my grown-up life.  As much fun as it was to be a kid at my parents’ place once again, it’s nice to be back in my real life, where I have a purpose or two to keep me busy.  I was getting pretty lazy at my parents’ place, so it was definitely time to come home.

Despite unexpectedly having to catch a later flight (poor Sydney was caught without reading material the one time he really needed it), we still got home from Rochester at a decent hour.  And what a reception!  Sydney had bought more flowers for the steps leading up to our house, as well as cut delphiniums spikes that loom dangerously over our largest vase.  He’d also built three more bookcases in my absence, so I was spared the mess of watching him do carpentry in our living room.  And, gasp upon gasp, he’d done laundry and vacuumed the floor.  I was impressed!


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  1. Kris says:

    That is VERY impressive. I think he missed you. 🙂

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