Different, but still growing quite nicely

I don’t claim to have much of a memory of what Katherine was like in the first month or two of her life.  I remember her eating a lot, and of her gaining wait at roughly twice the average rate, and of there being a lot of diapers (a lot of diapers) to change.  Nathaniel seems quite different to me, though much of that difference has to do with our household being different.  I know how diapers work by this point, and I’m used to doing laundry all of the time, so he’s just added into the mix.  He does eat a lot, but it’s a lot less painful and complex than it was with Katherine, largely because it’s not new to me.  But he does seem to be quite a different shape: longer limbs, bigger hands and feet, fewer fat rolls.  I worried for about half a second that he was skinnier and I wasn’t feeding him enough (since he’s not terribly fussy).  But I just weighed him, and he comes in at 13 1/2 pounds.  As in, he is at 5 1/2 weeks what Katherine was at 8 weeks.  He started out half a pound heavier, but he doesn’t seem to be gaining weight any less rapidly as a result!  Okay, so he’s just big.  Which is why those 3-6-month and even 6-9-month clothes are fitting pretty well; apparently it’s not just the cloth diaper!

So I think I just missed my opportunity to carry a “light” baby in the backpack.  Sigh.


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