Crazy kids

Last night Katherine sang me to sleep.  It was 11:15pm and I had just decided that Nathaniel might be inclined to take a longish nap, and thus it might be worth retiring for the night.  He’s still very much in nap mode, sticking to cycles of about 1.5 hours.  In the last couple of days Katherine’s thrown out her normal schedule and has shown an amazing ability to entertain herself in her crib for long stretches of time.  Which is why, late at night, she was singing nonsense songs to herself in the room below mine, giving absolutely no indication of sleepiness.  I, meanwhile, was out in five minutes.


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Yay – our Katherine is singing – must be enjoying those fun children’s songs! That is the sign of a healthy child that can comfortably entertain herself alone in her room.

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