Life with little ones

Laundry, and the reason for the laundry.  He’s starting to enjoy counter time when he’s awake, too, since he likes being near the action . . . and we like him away from Katherine’s energy.

In case I forgot that I was in a kid-filled household, Sophie the teething toy was a great reminder of that, as well as a good paperweight.

Miss Independent isn’t shy about letting us know when she wants to go out for a walk.

Sarah, your blanket is proving quite effective at keeping his hands occupied.  You have very effectively swaddled two Baby Penners!

And then there are the games.  Katherine beats me to the stairs, races to the top and into her room, and disappears.  The following ensues:

“Katherine?  Where’s my Katherine?  Katherine?”


“Oh, Katherine, are you up here?”

Silence . . . and then, “No?”

One more minute of quiet and then she comes racing out from behind the curtain, like so:


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