Thank you

One of my favorite activities over the past two weeks has been writing replies to the many, many emails, cards, and letters of congratulation that arrived after Nathaniel was born.  I love corresponding with friends and family, and I’ve had a great time slowly working my way through my inbox.  I am not particularly succinct in my replies (surprise, surprise), so I’m far from done, but I enjoy it far more than trying to get decent photos of the kids or any of the other activities that mothers take up in hopes of cementing for posterity these early fleeting newborn weeks.  It’s given me a chance to check in with friends I don’t hear from very often; I’ve even managed to elicit detailed updates from a number of my male college friends, who were probably too abashed by the sheer volume of my reply to feel that a simple “Life’s good.  Thnx” would suffice.

Thank you for giving me a chance to reconnect with far-flung aspects of my life while we try to get to know this new little one.


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