Katherine’s words

Can you tell what kinds of words we’ve been working on?  Katherine can’t say her own name, but she does know:

– “caw-caw” (birds of all kinds)

– “goo” (goose)

– “quack quack” (duck)

– “waaaaan” (swan)

– “guuuuuw” (gull)

She practices happily on our walks in the parks.


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3 Responses to Katherine’s words

  1. Lisa says:

    Does she have her own birding list yet? 😉

  2. fustianist says:

    Sydney’s response: “She should get the enjoyment of creating one herself in a few years.” She’s going to pitch a hissy when she’s twelve, though, and realizes that she saw lots of things as a toddler (in the UK) that she can’t see once she’s old enough to keep lists . . .


  3. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    She also says “baby,” “noooos” (nose), “mou” (mouth) and knows where her ears can be found, and is all about belly buttons:)Fortunately, she did not ask to see Grandma or Grandpa’s belly buttons, but did like buttons on her clothes and ours.

    On a different note, the girl can easily walk a couple of miles, and cuts through pedestrian traffic like a veteran city girl. Those little fingers can find the most infinitesimal crumb or grain of sand which she then hands over to the nearest outstretched adult hand. We miss her terribly.

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