Sydney looked back through our blog posts to remind me that, yes, Katherine woke this frequently, too, when she was new.  And, as he pointed out, I couldn’t do any cooking (or, for that matter, walking) for a good three weeks after she was born.  I distinctly remember buying the backpack at exactly one month postpartum, putting Katherine in it, walking carefully up the hill a little ways, and making banana bread (Katherine still in the backpack) upon returning home, marveling at this wonderful contraption that would keep the baby so happy and give me my arms back.

So, having returned from a two-mile walk with Katherine around the Christ Church Meadow (part of it with her in that same backpack, and part with her walking on her own), and planning on making a squash-blue-cheese-pecan-leek pizza for dinner tonight, I should be grateful for all the activity I am capable of right now.  I will try to work on that.  Just not sure what to do when you find yourself staring into newborn-blue eyes at three o’clock in the morning (the fourth awakening in five hours) and seeing not a shred of sleepiness in them . . .

In Sydney’s digging through the archives he said, “You also mention something in here about growth spurts?”  Ack!  I forgot about those!  Nathaniel should be due for one . . . about now.  And another in about another week.  Good to be prepared, I suppose.


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2 Responses to Reminders

  1. elizabeth says:

    I remember you shared some very true words with me when I was in newborn zombie land a few months back. Something about them taking it all away, but then giving it all back (and more). It will get better and it sounds like you are doing so well (relatively speaking)!

  2. fustianist says:

    Thank you, Elizabeth! It’s just too bad I never was a night owl.


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