Katherine and Nathaniel

We’ve been keeping an eye on Katherine as she adjusts to the new arrival.  She was excited to discover he has feet when I uncovered them the other day, since that gave her another thing to name about him.  And she’s rapidly moved from point-and-name to trying to mother him.  When I was sitting on the couch the other day she brought in a small blue towel, spread it on the floor, and walked up to me with arms outstretched, rapidly opening and closing her hands.  The message was clear: give me the baby.  When I demurred and gave her a doll she proceeded to wrap the doll in the towel (when did she learn this?) and carry the doll around.  Upside down.  And flip it out on its head whenever she wanted to re-wrap it.  There was a reason why she had to make do with the doll!  She continues to bring him blankets (only once or twice has she tried putting them over his head), give him love pats, and want to watch when I change him.  We’re certainly keeping an eye on these displays of affection, but it’s nice that she has them!


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