A new quiet around here

We haven’t been attached to our computers in the last day or two, the result of things going so well.  Mom and Dad have energy for Katherine’s antics, leaving Sydney and me to get to know our new arrival, and it’s great having four pairs of arms for carrying a newborn.

Mom and I made an exploratory trip out to the neighborhood this afternoon, leaving Nathaniel in the capable hands of his father and grandfather.  That was fantastic: I was thrilled to get out in the lovely weather, and by the time we returned from our trip the boys had figured out how to maneuver Nathaniel into a good position for a nap.  Those of you who know me know I really like to be up and moving, so I am very happy not to find myself tied to the couch like I was for two months after Katherine was born.  Maybe Nathaniel realizes that I need to be up and useful this time, since we now have two kids–and two sets of stairs in our house.

We will do our best to get some more pictures of Nathaniel before too long, but he is, of course, happiest swaddled up and buried in someone’s arms.  He also makes fantastic ugly faces, so if you’re wanting “pretty” we aren’t going to have it for a little while.  The things he can do with those face wrinkles . . .

If you’re interested in backstory:

Monday evening Sydney and I took a taxi to the hospital, where the midwife checked me out and said all was well.  Sydney and I walked home from the hospital, a little over two miles, and enjoyed what was, ironically, a romantic stroll: beautiful evening weather, elegant streetlamps through the parks, and no stroller or toddler.  I did have to stop along the way a few times, and Sydney wondered whether we should go back to the hospital.  But we were halfway down the hill and I liked the last part of the walk best, so we went home and thus thoroughly disappointed my parents, who were hoping we’d gone to the hospital to stay.  But after an hour or two of conversation and us all looking at my stomach impatiently I went upstairs to brush my teeth, found that unusually challenging, got Sydney and our things, and we took another taxi to the hospital.  I wasn’t sure that walking was a good idea this time, particularly since I wanted to do something violent to the driver when he asked us which way we’d like to go (“Good grief, man, just go!  You have a GPS device and I’m looking a bit desperate back here!”).  The midwife was glad to see us return and, only half jokingly, told me to hold off a bit on delivery so that she could make a few notes in my file.  The delivery went much more smoothly than last time and Nathaniel was born just before 2am, about two hours after we arrived at the hospital.  Although I needed some help for awhile after the delivery, by 6am the midwife left us to shower, dress, and move to another room, where she ordered us to take a nap.  We waited in the hospital the rest of the morning, wanting to go home, but finally a dashing young doctor came in, gave the final OK, and we were home by 2pm.

Nathaniel eats really well and seems to be doing quite well overall.  We’ll try encouraging him to sleep a bit more during the night, rather than fantastically during the day, but so far he’s been a very good baby. Katherine, after an initial wide-eyed look at him from across the room, is now quite happy to point to him and announce to the world, several times a day, “Baby!” in an authoritative voice.  All things are good in her world if she has a word for them.


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  1. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    thanks for sharing the story–such a speedy delivery, yay!! he’ll get that sleep thing turned around soon, and i’m so glad you’re feeling good!

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