A different kind of arrival

Despite my inability to think past the arrival of the baby, I realized yesterday that my parents fly out of Iowa tomorrow and will be at our house by noon on Monday.  It will be a long trip for them, but I’m excited to see them.  In addition to everything else that they will be bringing (help with Katherine, news from home), they will remind me that North America is not a different time, a past that was very nice before we moved here, but a real place that continues to exist even though we’ve moved away.

Either we’re going to have a very busy weekend or we’ll have a day or two to enjoy our company and help them settle in before life gets chaotic again.  One thing we do know: Katherine is going to love the chance to entertain new people!


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    We’re headed out shortly – packed an extra big suitcase in which to fit Katherine and bring her with us when we return home:)That was grandpa’s idea!

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