The novelty

Last week Sydney finally got Katherine to master “Mama.”  She’s been quite keen on “Dada” for some time now, and asks after “Dada?” and cries “Dada!” when she hears the door, and, ahem, labels men on the street “Dada” when Sydney’s out for an afternoon.  But now she also shyly points to me and says “Mama.”  Yes, my hearts melts . . . and I’m assuming it will continue to do so until she learns to issue “Mama!” as a demand.  I’ll enjoy this short break between being unlabeled and having my title too readily on the tip of her tongue!


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    After hearing her on the phone on Saturday, I think she has a good grasp of “Mama!” Dada is probably relieved to share this new change when she calls out for a parent!

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