Change in plans

Sydney had been planning to fly out to Boston tomorrow to give a paper at the philosophy association’s annual meeting.  But he’s now fighting his own round of the flu, and it looks like condition at the airports in both London and Boston will be messy, so he’s decided to cancel the trip.  Now we just have to extricate him from all of the plans he’s made to get there!  As glad as I am not to have sole charge of Katherine and the house for a week, and not to have to wonder whether my husband will join the hundreds of people sleeping in the terminals at Heathrow, I have to wish that he could remain here in better shape.


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2 Responses to Change in plans

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Odd they have conferences during the very worst travel time in the year. Gazillions of people are trying to return to somewhere…would not want to be flying during this time.

    Sorry the flu has been such a pest at your house.

  2. fustianist says:

    They say it’s when hotels are really cheap (and they may well be, even if flights are not), and that that’s the only time you can get all of the academics together. My own conference has just shifted into early January to try to avoid some of this trouble, but we’ll see if they’re successful.


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