The flu

Ha.  Ha ha.  Not what we needed.  K managed to fend off the worst with a high fever and some sniffles (as well as waking nearly every hour for the past several nights).  I got nailed and am only just up and about again.  Sydney worries that he’s next.  So, bear with us, Christmas will be a pretty low-key affair around here.  But I am determined that we’ll have things together by next year and celebrate a bit more thoroughly: a good church home, a tree, more cooking, and more singing of carols.

A huge box arrived today, with clothes and diapers for the baby.  Thank you, Jenny, for passing them along to Mom, and thanks, Mom, for sending them all the way over here!  As I was looking at all of the little things that Katherine wore when she was born I realized a bit more that there really is a baby coming, and that it really will change things.  And, seeing that we have both pink and blue blankets, I wonder who we’ll get!


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