A full first day

Nelson has survived an entire day in our household, and a full day it was!

– Sydney put him to work in the garden

– I fed them lunch

– We went for a hike

– On the way back Nelson checked out our grocery stores.  And we bought groceries and he made us dinner.  Apparently he sensed a weakness for Mexican food and somehow knew that was the one thing we couldn’t get in Ithaca!

– After dinner we took a tour of campus in the near-dark, to show Nelson we weren’t kidding about the scenery on our daily commute to school

– We returned to Sydney’s home-made mango-coconut ice cream


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One Response to A full first day

  1. milton says:

    Awesome! I didn’t even know that nelson was planning to go on a trip. I guess that shows how wrapped up in our own worlds we are!

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