Kooky update on a kooky household

I just finished a paper.  Good grief, I’ve been wrestling with it for almost three weeks.  Maybe the relief of getting out of abstract poetry and back into fiction will help me tear through the last paper. . . in under a week. 🙂

Sydney refuses to shower before he finishes his paper.  Let’s all hope for lightning-fast progress!

. . . . .

Loosely-connected thoughts:

Nelson’s coming to visit; he flies in on Monday.  Nelson is Sydney’s younger brother and, for those of you who were at the wedding, our fabulous (and barefoot) chef.  We’ve already told him we’ll be begging him to cook while he’s here, and he seems fine with that. . . . I should be fitting in a few more gym sessions in preparation, but I know that won’t happen . . . I’ll be getting Penner in stereo for the next week or two–cool!

You should have some pity on Nelson.  Though we’re excited to have company, we don’t have a lot of room.  In fact, there are two rooms, so unless he wants to sleep in the bathroom (no longer quite so comfy after the recent tiling), the floor in our room (so he can be freaked out by the fact that his brother’s married), or the hallway (home of the litter box), he will have to sleep in the livingroom, on our fold-out couch.  The living room is also our study, kitchen, and dining room, so he may have to put up with some intrusions.  Oh yes, and there are absolutely no shades on the windows, so he’ll get full sun (too bad he’s not a plant), and the attentions of our cat, Arwyn, for whom the living room is a playhouse at night.  It would be terrible if he came back from his visit to Ithaca with bags under his eyes, yearning for a good night’s sleep, so I’m going to just hope that he’s adaptable.

I’m using Nelson’s visit and my upcoming visit to my parents as a reason to clean.  Not clean, scour.  I peer at all things, scour half of them, and reorganize the other half.  Sydney’s getting scared, because he knows I’ve covered most of the (small) house by now, and I’m circling ever closer to the mess around his desk.  Soon he may be driven to putting up an electric fence around his stuff to keep me away.

This weekend is graduation for Cornell.  We’ll be laying in the groceries early and keeping a good distance from the town and the college for the next few days.  When I dropped by school last week I saw gigantic Budget moving trucks all over campus.  Those better have been for an entire floor’s worth of stuff.  You can’t possibly need a moving truck to move stuff from one room, can you?  Before I knew Sydney I refused to own anything at college that I couldn’t move myself.  That way I needn’t get help from my friends, who had stuff of their own, or parents, who were halfway across the country.  My big demonstration of commitment to Sydney was getting a couch, since that was something that I knew I couldn’t move without him.  “And in thus such a manner did the lady bind herself to her man.”  The end.


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3 Responses to Kooky update on a kooky household

  1. Heidi says:

    1) if I were Sydney, I’d be frightened too. you used to disrupt my MUSIC FOLDER, not to mention my loose sheet music inside our books… jeeze. Are you scrubbing with bleach and ammonia yet? Have you started a pile of things you’d like to burn so they take up less space in the form of ashes?

    2) I used to live in a girls dorm, which was built in the 1800s and had very small rooms, and yet every year, some girl required a U-Haul to move out. How can you fit that much crap into a room that small?! I don’t understand it.

    3) yum, gourmet food.

    4) I never shower when a paper is in progress… its way too disruptive.

    that’s all! –heidi

  2. fustianist says:

    I knew I wasn’t alone! Erin, by the way, claims not to remember messing with your music folder. But another thing that I have learned about Erin is that she has a finely honed selective memory syndrome.

  3. Lisa says:

    If I’m staying up very late to write a paper, I often shower in an attempt to trick my body into thinking it’s morning & wake myself up. Ahh, classical conditioning. 🙂


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