An All-American Day

Saturday morning Mom took Katherine and me to a local play center, filled with activities and exhibits for kids of all ages.  We know Katherine’s a bit small to enjoy most of the fun things, but we thought it would be nice to check it out for later visits and let her run wild in a safe environment.  She’s had a recent fondness for running toward the road when we take her out in the yard, so outside play has become a bit more dangerous.

At the play center, Mom and I had a ball trying out various exhibits, helping Katherine color, dig for treasure, scope out the swimming fish, and make a lot of noise.  She was a bit scared by the cow that made mooing sounds (deep, ominous mooing sounds), but once she got over her shyness she had a great time.  There was a huge staircase with rainbow-colored steps that arced around the corner of the play center and up to the second story of the large building.  More fun yet were the rabbit holes on the stairwell that led to little passages under the steps–and, if you went from one rabbit hole to another, would get you from top to bottom without stepping foot on the stairs.  Mom and I worried we were a bit big for the rabbit holes (that’s all I need: to get stuck in a rabbit hole while pregnant!), but we wormed our way through and helped Katherine (who was much more agile) find her way down.  We definitely need to get one of those for our house!

I then dived into a new book when Katherine was napping, after which we walked down to the fire station for supper.  It’s homecoming week here, when the fire station puts on a free chili supper and the town shows up for pre-game dinner before heading out to the high school football field.  When we walked in I saw a sea of blue and white (school colors) and suddenly remembered that New York black wasn’t probably the best thing to be wearing.  At any rate, we had a nice time, saw some people we know, and then walked back home for coffee with the neighbors.

A nice day all around.


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