The last few days have been full of food. We never have famine in this house, but for awhile I was really keen on plates of fruit-cheese-bread, just because I didn’t have time or energy to cook things, and neither, for once, did Sydney! But this weekend I made (not deep-fat-fried) falafal patties so that we could pack tasty falafal pitas throughout the week. Sunday there was a brunch at our church. Sunday evening my Victorian reading group got together for croquet (we didn’t at all resemble a British lawn club, but it was fun to pretend) and pizza and sandwiches, and we feasted at Sydney’s professor’s house this evening in celebration of the end of the class. Nice thing about the end of graduate classes: the profs often have you over for dinner at their place, bring in food to class, or, as my advisor did this afternoon, haul in cookies and chocolates so that we could end our discussion licking sugar off our fingers. The smattering of feasts continues throughout this week and next, with a couple more final-class celebrations. It makes for a hectic schedule at the end of classes, but it’s nice to take an hour here or there to talk with people who have been too busy working throughout the semester to swap stories with you.

I’m ploughing through my last round of grading for the semester. I got final papers today (stacks of paper cover my desk, but only temporarily!) and I said I’d have them back by Wednesday, so I’m working hard. But by Wednesday evening I’ll be ready to sit back and take things at my own pace. That pace, of course, is one that prepares me to write two lengthy term papers, but at least it won’t be quite so hectic!


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5 Responses to Food

  1. Heidi says:

    I like how you played croquet while eating pizza… that’s a very nice, American twist!

  2. Erin says:

    Trust me, it was only reluctantly that our head mentioned pizza in the email–she (Oxford-trained) didn’t want to ruin the ambiance of the lawn party!


  3. Heidi says:

    Well, I am sad that you didn’t experience Pimms because its a delightful drink… but I think there is something good to be said for delicious pizza as well!

  4. Lisa says:

    Ah, yes. . . free food is one of my favorite things about grad school. And it seems to come at the beginning and end of semesters–right when you need it most.

    Last semester one of my professors (who was up for tenure) brought an amazing array of snacks the day we did TCEs! Shameless, but he got tenure =).


  5. fustianist says:

    I am particularly appreciative of those who bring in something interesting and, more importantly, not dessert. Real food is so refreshing after too many meetings with only puffy pastries sitting around!


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