On a more positive note

Sydney and I are going to see Chanticleer (an early music men’s group) tomorrow evening. They have a large following, a ton of recordings out, and we listen to their music more than frequently. Sydney has wanted to see them in concert for quite a long time, and they’re actually coming to Ithaca! I sincerely hope we’ll be able to step outside our current duties and really enjoy the concert.

My professor handed back a paper with a comment about turning it into a publishable journal article. Woohoo! Of course, that means more work, but maybe after the semester’s over that will sound more enticing.

I’m really having some bonding time with my students these last few weeks. I’ve read four paper proposals from each of them, had a half-hour conference, read and commented on a draft, met with half of them again, am fielding questions through email, and will grade their papers early next week. It’s wonderful to talk paper ideas with them, rewarding to hear they appreciate me helping them work through entanglements, and wonderful fun to talk so much about Persuasion. I’m certainly learning the importance of choosing the right book for the end of the semester–it has to be one that I want to hear lots about!

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