The war horse is breaking down

Man, we’re falling apart near the end of things.  It’s the last two weeks of our last year of classes, and we’re a mess.  Sydney is stalked by a fever, easily overwhelmed after a semester of stress, and sleep-deprived.  My stomach is getting picky as it senses my rising stress levels, and I’m losing my powers to be decisive.  In trying to figure out my plan for tomorrow I wandered around the house listlessly for half an hour, unable to weigh my options fruitfully.  This is pretty sad!

Arwyn is helping us by jumping on us throughout the night, eating Sydney’s pepper plants, and leaping over us every time she spies a bird outside.  Mom’s suggestion of making Arwyn a cute rug is starting to look more appealing!

But there are times when Sydney and I look at each other and tease each other (he thinks I am babbling without any sense to my words, I think he’s getting a bit spineless and turning into a worrywart).  Let’s hope those moments carry us through the end of next week!


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