Heavy hauling and organza sachets

We have one bookcase in the container, lying on its side, and Sydney has it filled with books.  As in, every last cranny has been filled with size-sorted and carefully packed books.  It looks like a crazy puzzle.  We’re planning to do one more like that, and then lay a couple of bookcases down flat, which will be much easier to fill.  I made about 20 trips down to the container, carrying armloads of books, and will continue that today.  But before we close off the bookcases with sheets of plastic we wanted to include some silica gel packets to keep the books dry.  Sydney ordered silica gel, but, because of the holiday, it looks like we’ll get it too late.  So, after my getting blank stares from 12 sales clerks around town, we found some at Michael’s, in the flower-drying section, and we bought little bags to put it in.  Sage organza bags, with silk ties.  No, we’re not planning a summer wedding, but it was the best thing we could come up with.  We’re going to have fancy bookcases!


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