Let the moving drama begin

We began moving in earnest today.  We went up into the attic and hauled down nearly all of the boxes, old computer parts, fans, suitcases, and garden gear that we’ve stored there.  The attic, by the way, is roughly the same size as our apartment, which means we have been able to make better use of our living space, but it also means that we can collect a lot of things.  Despite our careful measurements we stood appalled by the thought that the storage container may not be large enough for all of our stuff.  Not sure whether we’re more appalled at the thought of having to figure out contingency plans for things that won’t fit or appalled that we have that much stuff.

We had a bit of  a fiasco with U-Haul today, as we rented a van in order to haul plywood sheets from the store to our house.  Simple, right?  But we thought we’d first use the van to take the garbage down to the dump, since it tends to make a big mess and we didn’t want to get our car dirty.  But Sydney loaded up the trash only to get stuck in traffic (it’s graduation weekend for Cornell) and fail to get to the dump before it closed.  Great: now we’ve got a van full of disgusting garbage and it all has to come out again, and the van has to be cleaned.  Plus, renting a vehicle is a lot more complicated now that we can’t simply have two drivers come along, one for the truck and one for our car; I guess nobody thought it was important to have a place for baby seats in moving vans.  But, after a heroic effort and a crazy night, Sydney brought home plywood at 10pm and we’re going to drop off the van before 8 this morning.

Katherine is responding to the extreme heat by sleeping less.  A lot less.  She hasn’t been keen on going down before midnight, and she’s up at 8.  The nap (and there’s only one) is half the normal length.  She is, however, reasonably happy being plopped in the playpen to keep her out of dangerous things while we pack.  As long as someone’s moving a lot she’s happy, even if she’s not the one doing it.

Back to it.


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2 Responses to Let the moving drama begin

  1. Heidi says:

    Ugh, this is bringing back all of our nightmare moving stories… plus you have a baby in the mix!

    Good luck with everything!!!

  2. Laura Boll Peifer says:

    So sorry about all the U-Haul drama.. what a mess! Hope things are smoother from here on out!

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