Now where did it go? Did I? Did Katherine?

We’re entering parenting-induced dementia.  I hear it doesn’t really go away as the kids get older.  It starts by giving your kid something fun and shiny like your watch or a clock.  And it ends by you turning the house upside-down later that day to figure out where she might have put the dratted thing.  The postscript?  You then start to wonder of all needed-but-not-readily-visible objects, “Did she do something with it?  Should I check the sock drawer for my computer cable?”  Yesterday we found Sydney’s watch in the file drawer.  The stability of the world is now thoroughly undermined.

I am reminded every day now of my dad’s tireless efforts to teach his kids (I heard this until I went to college), “If you use something, put it back where you found it!”


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2 Responses to Now where did it go? Did I? Did Katherine?

  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    Stage 2 for parents of toddlers:
    *you hear the toilet flush, and neither adult is in the bathroom…
    *flushing may sometimes be followed by “Uh oh” or “All gone.”
    *Murphy’s law is the car keys will be missing when time is of the essence.
    *it’s not good if there is complete silence when your toddler is out of sight.

    Those are just the tip of the parental iceberg on the impact of toddlerdom in the home. And none of us would change a thing:)

    Give my baby a squeeze!

  2. fustianist says:

    We’re already becoming very attuned to moments of quiet. Quiet means only one thing: she’s managed to get past the obstacles and get her hands on our books (which she may be eating, tearing, or simply manhandling). Moment of quiet make us go hunting Katherine.


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