last chance to bird in Ithaca

Seeing as I will soon no longer have the chance to enjoy birdwatching around Ithaca (I’m pretty sure Oxford will have far fewer species to see), I’m making sure to get a good bit of birding in before I leave. It’s going quite well; I’ve had better luck than usual at finding both the common species as well as some of the more unusual ones.

Erin thinks that all I care about is the rankings so, in order to live up to her expectations, here they are:

Now let’s provide some context. The two guys at the top are members of The Redheads; the next two people, as well as the person after me, are members of Team Sapsucker. These are the two teams that the Cornell Lab of Ornithology sends to the World Series of Birding. The two teams have done extremely well in the past. Anyway, this year’s WSB is in two days, so I need to make sure to go out and advance in the rankings while my competitors are occupied in another state.


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  1. Heidi says:

    Good luck 🙂

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