something non-destructive!

I think we reached a major milestone today: Katherine’s wooden blocks were scattered all over the room, but, as you can see below, they no longer are.

All but two of them are in the trailer in which they belong. She suddenly got it into her head that instead of scattering them all over the place, maybe she should collect them and put them into the trailer. The resolute purpose with which she then proceeded was quite remarkable. She did not, however, have any intention of carrying blocks around the room. So she would pick up all the blocks within two feet of the trailer, drag the trailer to the next part of the floor, and repeat. Unfortunately, she tended to lose a few blocks each time she dragged the trailer. She usually went and retrieved the dropped blocks, but I guess the last two drops didn’t merit retrieval.


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  1. Mother-of-the-bride says:

    How peculiar that she suddenly decided to put all of them in a trailer. Maybe she is beginning to want all of her items together? Likes to stack stuff? Becoming possessive? Perhaps she likes organization? Is becoming a neatfreak?

    One of the first words used at our house when the children were little was “tidy.” One child learned the meaning of the word. The other…

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